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How to Increase Trust Flow to 
Your Videos & Youtube Channel


With the extinction of Google PageRank, the secondary metrics matters a lot. Metrics like Domain authority, Trust flow, and Citation flow are becoming the ranking factors in Google.

The sites like Moz and MajesticSEO are great at ranking and determining the authority of the sites, blogs and other internet properties. You can’t just easily trick these metrics, like that of Google PageRank.

The flow metrics update every day, so they are more accurate. You can accurately determine the trust of a site or Youtube Channel with this.

The job of ranking of sites has become much easier for Google with the introduction of trust and citation flow metrics and this certainly helps with ranking videos when a Youtube Channel also has good metrics

Majestic SEO’s metrics are named Flow Metrics and are grouped into two categories; trust flow and citation flow.

Citation Flow is a number of predicting how influential a URL might be based on how many sites link to it.

Trust Flow is a number predicting how trustworthy a page is based on how trustworthy sites tend to link to trustworthy neighbors.

What I do ...

I embed your Channel Welcome Video or any Video on your Youtube Channel along with the Channel URL on to domains with TF and DA. Before I start the Gig I take a screenshot of what the metrics are according to Majestic.

Then when the job is done I take another screenshot of the metrics showing the TF and CF increase you now have on your Channel. Not only is this Good for your Channel but it will Help the Video too.

The spreadsheet I give you show the websites your video has been embedded on with a link back to your Youtube Channel. The full domains are not shown so as to ensure the safety of the network.

The PBN’s are made up of high quality, aged domains, that are socially connected and backlinked, and have a large geographical spread for IP diversity.

With each embed you will get over 20 additional backlinks and embeds to the post from highly themed accounts that are interlinked and provide authority and trust!

Trust Flow varies naturally over time.

Order this Gig today if you understand why you would want to increase the trust of your Youtube Channel and how that can help with ranking your videos.

Below are the different options for the Youtube Trust Flow Booster. 

Option 1 - $29

Youtube Video / Channel Trust Booster (Mini)

- 25 PBN Video Embeds & Links back to Youtube Channel

Option 2 - $49

Youtube Video / Channel Trust Booster (Basic):

- 75 PBN Video Embeds & Links back to Youtube Channel

Option 3 - $99

Youtube Video / Channel Trust Booster (Upgrade):

- Get more Trust Flow & Power Up a 2nd Video with 150 PBN Video Embeds & Links back to Youtube Channel

Option 4 - $115

Youtube Video / Channel Trust Booster (Upgrade Plus):

- Get more Trust Flow & Power Up a 3rd Video with 225 PBN Video Embeds & Links back to Youtube Channel

Option 5

Bulk Orders are available on request and require me to contact you to discuss the details.

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