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Google Ninja Schema Map

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Google Ninja Schema Map

Step 1) First thing I do is create a Custom My Map. This is then optimized with a Call to Action, NAP, link out to your video, website and other citations. I then add a copyscape unique article and then a list of related keywords. Then I pin your video or website image to the map and optimize that.

Please note that all these links on the My Map are "DO FOLLOW" links from Google sending your properties authority and trust.

Step 2) I then generate Schema Markup Microdata. This is my own custom format and I personally do this by hand. It includes all the usual things as well as references to your citations.

Step 3) This is then checked in the Google Structured Data Testing Tool to make sure there is no errors.

Step 4) The iframe code with all the schema markup is then hosted on Google Cloud. This is called double stacking and as I am using two Google properties its very safe and powerful.

Step 5) I then create a text document giving you the link to the public My Map, the Google Cloud Link, the iframe code for manual embedding and the iframe code for auto embedding. Once that is all done I will send you everything on a text document.



Option 1 - $75

Google Nina Schema Map (Basic):

Option 2 - $195

Google Ninja Schema Map (Upgrade):

- 50 PBN Schema Map Embeds.
- 60 Tier 1.
- 2000+ Web 2.0 Tiered Embeds & Backlinks.

Option 3 - $275

Google Maps Booster (Upgrade Plus):

- 100 PBN Schema Map Embeds.
- 60 Tier 1.
- 5,000+ Web 2.0 Tiered Embeds & Backlinks.

Option 4

Bulk Orders are available on request and require me to contact you to discuss the details.

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