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Rank Higher in Google Maps

Here is the process I use …

Step 1) I embed your GMB on PBN's designed specifically for Goole Maps. These PBN’s are made up of high quality, aged domains, that are socially connected and backlinked, and have a large geographical spread for IP diversity. The total number of embeds you will receive will be 20 times the number of domains due to the IFTTT network syndication that is surrounding each PBN. I take your keywords and spin them to create relevancy with each embed.

Step 2) I then create 60 new Tier 1 links using high PR web 2.0 themed for your niche. When I do this I am using the keywords you provide and each one becomes the anchor text linking out to your GMB url and website. In others 60 Tier 1 each with one link with a relevant anchor text linking out to either your GBM or website url. This is 100% commercial anchors. If you want more generic anchors then please specify in the gig notes.

Step 3) When I embed your GMB I am also adding your NAP and website exactly as it is shown on your GMB. This is a raw anchor website link. Bascially you get niche citation value.

Step 4) Now I take those 60 Tier 1 links and backlink them with blogs from mutiple subniche categories using a tiered linking structure. I am again embedding your GMB and/or several of My Maps, what ever you give me that can be embedded.

Step 5) I then add everything into a google drive folder and send you a link. You will see PBN partial urls, web 2.0 Tier 1, 2 and 3 links created which you can then click on to view each blog post.

NOTE - Above is my standard procedue and I can adjust it to suite your needs. Just let me know what you need and want. 

Summary - What you're getting are powerful embeds on PBN's that have TF, CF & DA. Then you are getting embeds on (and niche relevant backlinks from) web 2.0 themed to your niche. The links are tiered and there are social shares, likes & views. You are given various reports to prove the work has been done. With this kind of power you have a very good chance of ranking your GMB in a safe and yet powerful manner that google loves.

P.S. I sell a process not a promise of ranking. I am working with what I am given. Depending on your niche, the competitiveness of that niche and the way your GMB has been optimized will determine your success. You may need several gigs to get the desired result. I am the founder of the Video Marketing Group so you can always come over to the group and check out real reviews https://www.facebook.com/groups/videoranking/

Option 1 - $39 - Mini Me

- 25 PBN Map Embeds.
- 1000+ Web 2.0 Niche / City Relevant Tiered Embeds & Backlinks.

Option 2 - $75

Google Maps Booster (Basic):

- 50 PBN Map Embeds.
- 60 Tier 1.
- 2000+ Web 2.0 Tiered Embeds & Backlinks.

Option 3 - $150

Google Maps Booster (Upgrade):

- 100 PBN Map Embeds.
- 60 Tier 1.
- 5000+ Web 2.0 Tiered Embeds & Backlinks.

Option 4 - $250

Google Maps Booster (Upgrade Plus):

- 200 PBN Map Embeds.
- 60 Tier 1.
- 10,000+ Web 2.0 Tiered Embeds & Backlinks.

Option 5

Bulk Orders are available on request and require me to contact you to discuss the details.

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